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learning to sing

learning to sing

Stand at the back and pretend – the experience of learning to sing – Mary Frances

"I remember the shame … pulled out of the group and told to just stand at the back and pretend … it led to a lifetime of standing at the back … making sure no-one could see or hear the real me. That had been the real me you see – that singing boy." (Alan)

mary frances – stand at the back and pretend

consulting in organisations

consulting in organisations

“Here was a theory about the struggles of change, expressed not as rules or answers, but as questions, provocations, things to be curious about and to work on together, located within the clients’ world of meanings”

mary frances – consulting in organisations

collage + cut-ups

collage + cut-ups

Any re-arrangement of objects, images or text insists that we tell ourselves alternative stories, that we ask new questions. This disruptive potential lends itself both to mischievous humour – like the elves and imps of our childhood folk tales who mix things up while we sleep – and also to polemic, through the shock of mixing words and images from contrasting and contradictory sources.

mary frances – the art of rearrangement

facilitating groups

facilitating groups

George Kelly described groups as intensive ‘social laboratories’ for experimentation. This paper is an exploration of the process of group development through the lens of personal construct psychology, with implications and ideas for group facilitators explored at each stage.

mary frances – stages of group development

the preference axis

the preference axis

"In using the axis rather than asking for preferred poles, I am trading an emphasis on instant but potentially superficial clarity for an acceptance of wholism, ambiguity and confusion, with a greater honouring of ‘it depends…’."

mary frances – the preference axis

organisational change and personal meanings

organisational change & personal mythology

– on facilitating change and re-construing 'resistances'

"One of the things which can make a difference to the capacity of a team to manage a change effectively among themselves is to deepen their understanding of their work- related myths and meanings as personal, and so viable for themselves but not necessarily for others; and as chosen, and therefore available for change."

mary frances – organisational change and personal meanings

Bringing two worlds together: personal and management development in the Health Service

Devi Jankowicz & Helen Jones

Devi Jankowicz has very kindly sent me this journal article in memory of our dear colleague Helen Jones.


It’s the published record of an interview he conducted with Helen when he was acting editor of Human Resource Development International in 1998, describing her extensive work on personal and organisational development in the NHS. It came with Devi’s comment : “I can hear Helen’s voice from the tape-recording!”

We are delighted to have received permission from the publishers Taylor and Francis to share it here, and hope you will enjoy reading.

helen jones:devi jankowicz interview

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