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educators as bricoleurs"There is value in recognizing the limitations of personal experience (whether with tools or methods), and in embracing the unknown and expansive possibilities of collective agency.”

Remi Kalir proposes that critical and creative educators build: with ignorance, through partnership, amidst openness, and across boundaries, “to scaffold more accessible, divergent, and equitable forms of education.”

bit block sketch build bricolage

sheila macnameeA concise, useful resource from social constructionist Sheila MacNamee at Taos Institute. “Instead of issuing specific strategies or techniques for transformation, I propose the following as fluid and flexible conversational resources.”

“All methods, all theories, all models and techniques are available resources for social interaction. What makes the use of particular resources coherent with the relational focus of social construction is the way in which any resource is used.”

facilitating multiple worldviews

nadia naffiNadia Naffi at Concordia University is using PCP interview methods in her work to help young Facebook users become advocates for tolerance.

“In as little as three or four hours, we saw empathy for the refugees emerge, as well as empathy for those who feel differently. In this troubled time, people need to understand where their political tolerance or intolerance is coming from.”

advocacy for refugees

You can also read Nadia’s full paper is here: Nadia Naffi journal/pctp17

argumentation from nowhere“people who were previously opponents can sometimes come up with ingenious supports and logics for arguments they earlier disagreed with, perhaps because the need to agree has been removed, or because the activity itself is an intriguing exercise in thinking”

revisiting Kenneth Gergen’s ‘argumentation from nowhere’

argumentation from nowhere - mary frances

seeing problems or seeing potentialIra David Socol explores what opportunity in schools might really look like.

“I talk to a lot of school leaders in my job and I have learned one essential thing: a school’s ability to help “at risk” children succeed is directly tied to how that leadership, and that faculty, see them”

“Children in poverty don’t come to school knowing less, they know different.”

school as a home of opportunity

snippets of complexityA collection of interactive explorable (and understandable) explanations of complex systems in biology, physics, mathematics, social sciences, epidemiology, ecology and other fields.

These amazing 'snippets' explore naturally developing systems, such as fish schooling, fractals, pendulums, bird flocking, and growth of organisms - warning: you will get no other work done if you enter here ...

complexity explorables

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