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These pages reflect my interest in constructivist psychology, and particularly Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) and the work of George Kelly. They reflect my commitment to experimental and constructivist approaches in professional practice, and, more widely, as an approach to life.

I teach PCP internationally, and work as a facilitator/consultant with individuals, groups, and larger systems. I am also an artist and writer.

 I hope you might find something interesting & useful here, and your comments, ideas, and feedback will always be warmly welcomed. You can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Many thanks to the Italian journal of constructivist psychology 'Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo' for interviewing me recently.

We talked about how I first met Personal Construct Psychology, how I work with it in education, groups, and larger systems, and how I understand it in relation to other theoretical approaches. My warm thanks to everyone in the Rivista team.

A Vivid Portrait of PCP - Interview with Mary Frances

I now have two books published by Metambesen which are free to read and download:  ‘New Worlds in Old Stones’ and 'Landfall'

These are collections of found 'landscapes' - fragments of old walls, pavements, and churchyard stones found on everyday walks in urban settings. From a constructivist perspective, they could be seen as an exercise in an alternative way of looking. Meanings tighten very quickly and much is taken for granted. A practice of remixing or reframing things which are already there disrupts this ‘knowing’ - everything can be otherwise. This little project might be best described by the famous quote of Proust that 'the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes'.

I hope you enjoy them.

Metambesen books

download  New Worlds in Old Stones

download  Landfall

A new print book, 'sea pictures', which blends found seascapes with cut-up text, is also available direct from the publisher:

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